REM creates self-contained ecosystems that utilize practical and efficient operating concepts for its electric vehicles to meet specific market barriers that often bottle-neck the scaling and adoption of electric mobility.

It is proud to contribute to Rwanda’s Green growth & Climate Resilience Strategy by introducing  vehicles and their supporting carbon neutral battery exchange infrastructure that is convenient, affordable, reliable and safe. This infrastructure will  grow in pace with REM’s expanding electric vehicle community, alleviating any concerns of charging access or range anxieties.

The REM Ecosystem

EMB2000 Electric Motorcycle

EMB2000 as sold without batteries.

The EMB2000 is fully electric and competitively priced. The motor is driven by REM’s proprietary and patented rechargeable batteries. The EMB2000 was developed with assistance from the Rwandan Motorcycle Federation Ferwacotamo.

The e-motorcycle is equipped with two batteries. When the first battery is depleted, the rider switches over to the second battery. Before the second battery is depleted the rider drops in at a battery swap station to exchange the depleted battery for a fully charged one.

Dual batteries allows the rider to use each battery to full discharge without fear of being stranded mid-journey and mid-job. The rider therefore gets maximum yield and full value for each battery rental.

All REM motorcycles are sold without batteries in order to lower the upfront cost. Batteries are rented exclusively from REM, at a per-kilometre cost that is no more than that of a petrol-driven motorcycle.

EMB2000 with batteries inserted.

Battery Swap Stations

Battery Swap Stations are located throughout the REM service area, in the vicinity of population centres and commercial hubs. Riders on their second battery can therefore go to one when it is convenient to do so. Battery swap stations are currently located at:

At the swap station, the rider pays the rental fee and exchanges the flat battery for a fully-charged one. Battery swaps are safe and easy, taking no longer than a typical fill-up at a petrol station. The batteries are light enough that no special battery trolleys are needed.

All transactions are conveniently cashless via MTN MOMO Pay.


Central Battery Charging Depot

All batteries are charged at the central battery charging depot. Multiple delivery runs are done daily from the central charging depot to each battery swap station, to deliver freshly-charged batteries and collect depleted ones. REM is showing its full commitment to Rwanda’s green initiatives by bringing in the country’s only fully-electric truck for these delivery runs.

Our leading energy provider partner is Rwanda’s Energicotel. This partnership ensures that we have access to a long-term source of reliable and renewable energy.

Fully-Electric Battery Delivery Truck

Emergency Roadside Battery Swap Service

This service is exclusively for REM riders stranded with flat batteries within REM’s operating zone. A service technician is despatched to the rider’s location to swap out one or both depleted batteries for fresh ones. Riders may pay a nominal fee for this service, in addition to the usual battery rental.

Retrofitting Service

This service (soon to be publicly available) converts ICE motorcycles to electric by replacing the motor, exhaust system, fuel tank and drive train with an electric motor, controller and batteries. The pilot service was run in conjunction with the United Nations Development Fund Program to convert petrol motorcycles to full-electric. Retrofitted motorcycles will enjoy a second life as non-polluting vehicles, with the enhanced performance of an electric motor, and the benefits of the REM ecosystem.

Petrol-driven motorcycle before conversion.
Motorcycle ready for conversion.
Parts removed from the motorcycle.

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